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by Reil
23 Mar 2013, 21:34
Forum: Themes and plugins
Topic: Instapaper clean view plugin
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Re: Instapaper clean view plugin

I just made a dirty, dirty hack that takes that instapaper content and jams it right into that feed. If you want it to work with a particular feed, you'll have to modify the massive if-statement in the file so that it includes the articles you want. You'll probably also want to remove the test cases...
by Reil
17 Mar 2013, 02:43
Forum: Feature requests
Topic: Support the Google Reader API
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Re: Support the Google Reader API

I think that what he's suggesting isn't something that talks to Google Reader and pulls data from it, but something which could be a drop-in replacement for Google Reader. That is, someone who's already written a Google Reader-compatible Android App would be able to, with a few minor adjustments per...
by Reil
17 Mar 2013, 02:07
Forum: Themes and plugins
Topic: Google Reader theme
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Re: Google Reader theme

rmtew wrote:
  • Articles should be readable in order of publication. If a blog is posting a series of articles, reading the last post of the series before the first makes no sense.

Preferences -> Reverse headline order (oldest first)

Should cover you. :3

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