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by oneswellfoop
04 Apr 2013, 23:43
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Topic: Sort by Title removed
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Re: Sort by Title removed

I think there is a large influx of GReader users (like me) who have only dealt with companies like Google (not like me) and expect something a lot different than an open-source, essentially-one-man, operation can or SHOULD deliver. Which will make the the essentially-one-man vary cranky. I know I wo...
by oneswellfoop
03 Apr 2013, 02:25
Forum: Comedy bistro
Topic: ttrss logo
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Re: ttrss logo

Hi, new user here (via the Lifehacker how-to... testing multiple GReader alternatives and yours is winning) Way back in the 1990's, I worked for a company named Tetra Tech. (It did various civil engineering services; I did databases to allow them to bill their services properly and profitably based ...

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