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by jona2410
20 Apr 2015, 18:49
Forum: Feature requests
Topic: Force Referer
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Force Referer


In some rss feed there are images but some website block the images if the referer is not IE, Firefox or Chrome, so on the android app can you put an option to force the referer to an other one ?

by jona2410
05 Apr 2013, 18:48
Forum: Support
Topic: Plugin to import Starred/Shared from Google Reader
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Re: Plugin to import Starred/Shared from Google Reader

Hi Fox, I have a problem with google starred import and tumblr. When I import starred items in tt-rss every thing is fine except for tumblr. :) But all tumblr importations are empty :( In attachement, I put the extract of my google starred feed and the other file is the extract from the mysql databa...

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