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by Kresnik
18 Jul 2013, 08:31
Forum: Unsupported platforms
Topic: Fast way to deploy ttrss on OpenShift
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Re: Fast way to deploy ttrss on OpenShift

So anyone can give me the steps to do in order to update the TTRSS version to the latest version (1.8.0) in OpenShift? I tried running the Updater plugins but after clicking the 'Update Tiny Tiny RSS' button, Loading text appear and the gone. After that, there doesn't seem like any response, message...
by Kresnik
01 Jul 2013, 12:48
Forum: Themes and plugins
Topic: Favicon badge plugin
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Re: Favicon badge plugin

There's something that's not working properly with this plugin, which is resetting the unread count when I press the "Mark as Read" button. For example: Currently I got a total of 10 unread feeds on the list. Then I press the "Mark as Read" button as I decide that nothing is wort...

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