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by eswald
22 Nov 2013, 23:39
Forum: Feature requests
Topic: Reverse feed import order
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Reverse feed import order

I have a feed that posts two items at a time, but in a definite order. Unfortunately, they get imported in the wrong order relative to items posted on other days; instead of 1,2,3,4,5,6 they come out as 2,1,4,3,6,5. I've been working around it with a filter that increments the score when there's an ...
by eswald
07 Aug 2013, 01:11
Forum: Feature requests
Topic: Possible small change to eliminate a DB query
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Re: Possible small change to eliminate a DB query

MySQL does, however, support a lightweight API to find the last inserted id, exposed in various ways by the PHP interfaces. Supporting both that and a RETURNING interface through the same function call should be possible, though annoying. Saving one or two queries per feed entry per update might jus...
by eswald
03 Jul 2013, 23:49
Forum: Support
Topic: Possible to hide a Category (or feed) from 'Fresh Articles'?
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Re: Possible to hide a Category (or feed) from 'Fresh Articl

I'm tempted to implement this. It looks like implementing this as a new per-feed preference involves: ⋅  A new column on the ttrss_feeds table, created by files in schema/versions/{my,pg}sql/$VERSION.sql, bumping SCHEMA_VERSION in include/functions.php and probably reloading schema/ttrss_s...

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