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by itohsnap
26 Sep 2015, 22:42
Forum: Support
Topic: encoding issues with some feeds
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Re: encoding issues with some feeds

I've had better luck with encoding issues when using my cobbled-together plugin ( than when using af_readability--even though they both rely on the same underlying Readability library. Those two sites' full posts look fine in my install of TT-RSS; maybe giv...
by itohsnap
09 Dec 2014, 13:56
Forum: Support
Topic: 1.15 doesn't close "Loading..." anymore.
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Re: 1.15 doesn't close "Loading..." anymore.

The feedly theme *is* busted; I had the same issue. Fortunately there's a pull request on the github page ( that has the fix.

Apparently "Commit d9c93ebfdb860 in TT-RSS changed the way notifications are animated."
by itohsnap
21 Mar 2014, 10:40
Forum: Themes and plugins
Topic: [GITHUB] Plugin af_fullpost
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Re: Plugin af_fullpost

This plugin with ability to enable it per-feed would be perfect, and so much easier than af_feedmod. It's not quite as nice as (say) an extra checkbox in the Edit Feed dialog, but I've created an unholy hybrid of this plugin with the preference pane from af_feedmod. Unlike the latter, you only need...

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