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by Defined
16 Jul 2016, 09:44
Forum: Everything else
Topic: Selfhosted bookmark manager
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Re: Selfhosted bookmark manager

I also suggest xmarks. Their are sync addons for Firefox/Chrome/Chromium. Their is also an Android app though it requires a small yearly fee. You can combine xmarks and lastpass mobile in a yearly fee with a slight discounted combined cost. Both can be used for frée in most PC applications but the m...
by Defined
29 May 2016, 00:32
Forum: Support
Topic: Android client crashes when you click on the content preview of a returned search query.
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Android client crashes when you click on the content preview of a returned search query.

When doing a search with the Android client, it crashes after you click on the content preview to take you to the full post from one of the search results. I can reproduce this on an Asus ZenPad running Lollipop and a phone running a Marshmallow rom based on AOSP. All articles and fresh articles. Ca...
by Defined
04 Jan 2016, 19:02
Forum: Unsupported platforms
Topic: Question about updating feeds
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Re: Question about updating feeds

You have to change the working directory before executing the script otherwise the updater doesn't know where the config with the DB information, etc, is located or load additional libraries. Try something like: */10 * * * * cd /path/to/update/script && ./update.php --blah --blah I am sure h...
by Defined
08 Oct 2015, 16:14
Forum: Support
Topic: Errors in Preferences | System tab
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Re: Errors in Preferences | System tab

I also had a fresh install execute bayes related queries. It was a pull from your new Git repository about a month or so ago though I am unsure of the revision. The plugin was not enabled by default nor was the plugin ever enabled manually. For the time being I removed the plugin completely to de-cl...

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