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by martywd
02 Aug 2015, 22:12
Forum: Support
Topic: Update with GIT : error 403 The requested URL returned error
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Re: Update with GIT : error 403 The requested URL returned error

Hello, ... Today , with this command "git pull origin master", i see for the first time an account login/password. OK , i create this on github and after that , i have this message : error: The requested URL returned error: 403 while accessing
by martywd
01 Feb 2015, 23:26
Forum: Development
Topic: Periodic releases are over
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Re: Periodic releases are over

TJ500 wrote:

Thanks for that info. Much, much better way of keeping up with commits versus what I'd been routinely doing to check (git fetch).
by martywd
18 Jun 2014, 21:49
Forum: Support
Topic: [Solved] Problem in Image locations of rss feeds
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Re: Problem in Image locations of rss feeds

... I did it. Deleted the line in red and added the green ones. ... Rather than 'delete' code, I'd suggest commenting out the 'old' line(s) with '//' and then adding the amended code to the file you're updating. If you really want to be anal add the link to the forum thread (like I do) as a referen...
by martywd
29 May 2014, 21:18
Forum: Unsupported platforms
Topic: Using unused laptop as TT-RSS only
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Re: Using unused laptop as TT-RSS only

whoareyou wrote:Terminal said postgresql: command not found.

In a terminal window run:

Code: Select all

man psql

The 'man' is your friend.
by martywd
07 May 2014, 02:57
Forum: Support
Topic: Ctrl+click does not open links in article in background tab
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Re: Ctrl+click does not open links in article in background

I'm not sure this applies to the most recent version of firefox? But in Tab Preferences of FF28 there's this option: When I open a link in a new tab, switch to it immediately: When you middle-click on a Web link (or hold down Ctrl-command while clicking with the left mouse button), the page will be ...
by martywd
31 Mar 2014, 20:51
Forum: Support
Topic: Cannot Enable Plugins
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Re: Cannot Enable Plugins

One of the extensions is breaking it. Incognito mode worked fine. Weirdly, I only have AdBlock Plus, LastPass, Send to Instapaper, Google Chromecast, and Google Docs. ... FWIW, I just tried changing a plugin pref (tt-rss v1.12) with chromium-browser [33.0.1750.152 (Developer Build 256984) Built on ...
by martywd
26 Feb 2014, 02:54
Forum: Support
Topic: Missing articles in a feed
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Re: Missing articles in a feed

Could anyone please try to subscribe to the mentioned feed and check if all articles are imported correctly? I would like to know if the problem is on my side or not. Thank you. I just subscribed to that link in you first post. At this moment I see 25 articles, the top article: 'Hidden Markov Model...
by martywd
09 Feb 2014, 21:37
Forum: Support
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The feed should be valid according to w3: I've got the same issue with some other feeds like CDM: FWIW, both feeds you mention (xkcd and createdigitalmusic) work for me. My server is tt-rs...
by martywd
09 Dec 2013, 21:13
Forum: Feature requests
Topic: Android Client: Text-to-Speech support
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Re: Android Client: Text-to-Speech support

sleeper_service wrote:if I can't have it beamed straight into my head, I don't want it....

OT: Not to worry, they're working on that. The NSA, that is...
by martywd
22 Sep 2013, 21:44
Forum: Support
Topic: Getting "UPdate daemon not running" error after upgrading to
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Re: Getting "UPdate daemon not running" error after upgradin

fixed my own problem, I had to remove all 3 lock files in /path/to/ttrss/lock, not just update.lock. Hope this maybe helps someone else out. The v1.10 update is a first for me (updating through the browser client). All previous version moves were new installs. I made the mistake too of NOT killing ...
by martywd
04 Feb 2013, 21:21
Forum: Feature requests
Topic: Addition to the Shortcuts Menu...
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Addition to the Shortcuts Menu...

 One humble suggestion. Got tt-rss up and running a week ago, no make that several weeks ago now. (Issues getting account setup in the forum to make this post. Today after recreating account, again. all seems well?) On the client side, trying to figure a way (via keyboard) to Close after opening th...

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