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by Joschasa
08 Mar 2011, 16:40
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Topic: feed
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I tried Simplepie and Magpie on the feed, but both methods just display the one item in the feed (in both cases kernel
Would be nice to see all items :lol:

Feed URL:
by Joschasa
29 Dec 2010, 03:23
Forum: Support
Topic: How to update feeds
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Re: How to update feeds

Without changing the code, it is not possible to use the update.php via http. It uses argv[] to determine the command line parameters, it wont work via http.
Perhaps it would work, if you just edit the first lines to accept $_GET[] or something like that. Or just set $op = "-feeds".
by Joschasa
12 Jun 2010, 04:36
Forum: Feature requests
Topic: "Set articles as unread on update" per feed
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"Set articles as unread on update" per feed

Would be nice to have the option "Set articles as unread on update" on a per feed base.
I only want to see updates in 2 or 3 feeds, not in all.

by Joschasa
03 May 2010, 12:01
Forum: Support
Topic: Cookies for getting feeds
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Re: Cookies for getting feeds

Had the same problem with the dokuwiki "recent changes" feed. This feed was protected and only had items while logged in. I found out, that the feed.php accepted the parameters u and p (username/password), so i could "login" without httpauth, cookies, ... Perhaps your application...

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