"mark as read" may cause lost updates

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Re: "mark as read" may cause lost updates

Postby macfly » 28 Jun 2013, 15:37

fox wrote:Btw the patch linked above is broken, fixed in trunk.

When running tt-rss on Debian testing, Debian wants to install Mysql 5.5 and at the same time deinstall tt-rss-mysql.

Don't see anything weird with tt-rss dependencies, so dunno.

Hi fox,

ist the code above still active in trunc?

I just pulled fresh from trunc and tested:

displayed a category af 5 feeds with one unread article (navigation on the left shows 1 article unread, article-list was set to "adaptive", 1 article-headline was displayed.

waited until the next feedupdate and another new article was found after the update in the navigation (showing a total of 2 unread articles). The article-list still shows 1 article in the list, which is ok, since i did not reload.

After clicking on "mark as read" above the article-list, both 2 articles were marked as read.

If this the expected behaviour, how about the following:

right-click on feed (or category) in the navigation and selection "mark as read" will mark the *whole* feed or category as read.
click on "mark as read" above the article-list will mark all articles displayed as read.


or this could probably be done in a plugin .. mark all unread articles, mark selection as read ......

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