Read this before asking questions

Support requests, bug reports, etc. go here. Dedicated servers / VDS hosting only
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Read this before asking questions

Postby fox » 19 Mar 2013, 09:06

Read the following carefully. Ignoring the rules will get you banned.

Please understand that the requirements and penalties for ignoring them are there for a reason: not wasting time trying to guess your platform, hosting solution, even tt-rss version, makes actually helping you a lot easier.

1. Read the rules: viewtopic.php?f=1&t=1026&p=4518#p4518
2. Check the FAQ:
3. Check the stickied threads and search the forums first. Likely your issue has been already reported.
4. If you have modified tt-rss user agent any issues with downloading or parsing feeds are considered not supported. Do this at your own risk.
5. Verify that you are using tt-rss downloaded (or git cloned) from If you are using a third party package, we can't support you because nobody knows how and why the source has been modified.

I repeat: third party packages or installation scripts of any kind are not supported via this forum. Contact package maintainers for help instead.

When reporting bugs, at least include the following:

1. Platform and tt-rss versions (i.e. tt-rss git (3261dbf), ubuntu 14.04, mysql, php 5.5) of your server / VDS.
2. Any logs, if you have them and you feel there's relevant stuff, including:

    * tt-rss error reports (either crash report IDs or any relevant error messages in built-in logging interface in prefs.php -> system -> tab)
    * httpd logs
    * feed debugger logs (update.php --debug-feed X)
    * whatever else you might consider relevant
If you have a problem with specific feed:

1. Try running it through myfeedsucks first
2. Gather the information from feed debugger like this:

    * through the UI: open feed in question, press f D.
    * using command line:

    Code: Select all

    ./update.php --debug-feed X --force-refetch --force-rehash | tee debug_output.txt

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