eHub feed not working in tiny tiny rss

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eHub feed not working in tiny tiny rss

Postby seanodonnell » 12 Oct 2005, 15:33

For some odd reason this feeds content gets very badly truncated, I have checked the entries table in the database, and the content there is truncated too, so it must be happening at the feed parsing stage.

There are two feeds available

the Feedburner feed?

or the RSS 2 direct feed?

And both exhibit exactly the same problem.

I stuck the feeds into google reader to test em out, and they worked
just fine.



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Postby fox » 12 Oct 2005, 18:55

Another day - another variant of RSS. Oh, and I hate MySQL even more now.

Finished recording patch 'fixed serious bug in MySQL schema (cascade deletes were unfunctional), add yet another content: subtype workaround'

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