Filter items NOT containing word

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Filter items NOT containing word

Postby nodiscc » 01 Apr 2013, 03:31

Hi, I'm a bit confused about this. I would like to automatically delete all articles from a particular feed, except those who have the word Roundup in their title. I have found some topics here regarding this subject, but I'm still not sure how I am supposed to proceed.

Any explanations welcome

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Re: Filter items NOT containing word

Postby fox » 01 Apr 2013, 08:33

Wait for the next version which will have inverse filters back.

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Re: Filter items NOT containing word

Postby xtaz » 02 Apr 2013, 15:30

If you want it in 1.7.5 then I found this works for me. Add a filter for Match on Title, set the match text to ^((?!Roundup).)*$ and set the action to Delete article. But it will be so much better in 1.7.6 when you can just click a checkbox to invert the match.

I use this feature quite a lot to filter feeds where I am only interested in certain keywords from that feed. I was surprised when I came back to tt-rss recently to find the inverse filter had been removed, but I'm glad it's coming back. The alternative method of using scoring wouldn't work for me as I read every single article that is unread and so I wanted the unwanted articles to be removed before they made it into tt-rss.

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