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Starred items

Postby djipey » 21 Apr 2013, 17:45


I just managed to fully install Tiny Rss on my server, since Google reader will soon close. I encountered some difficulties to import my starred items from google reader, but now it's ok as well. The thing is, I have some special use requirements.

I would like to use Liferea (I'm on Linux) as a client to read my feeds, but I don't know if the sync of my starred items will work. For an example, if I star an item with Liferea, will it be marked as starred on Tiny rss ?

And if I star an item on Tiny rss, will it appear as starred in Liferea ?

I know what I ask is kind of strange, but I need to do that, to keep what I had with G Reader. The goal is to keep all my feeds synchronized between all my devices.

Any help would be appreciated, if you know how to do that :)


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Re: Starred items

Postby sleeper_service » 22 Apr 2013, 00:07

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Re: Starred items

Postby MichaelTunnell » 25 Aug 2013, 13:22

The answer to this question is No and then Yes...well Kinda.

Liferea does not have built in support for Starred items in TT-RSS so no it can't do it.

However, TT-RSS has this weird ability that I never understood until now which is you can create a new RSS feed based on existing feeds and categories. I never saw the reason for this but holy crap is that a good idea. :)

Go to the Starred Articles section and click the RSS icon at the top will give you a new url that is specific to your install and user account so it would work on multiple users as well. Take that url and subscribe to it in Liferea.

Now you have a feed of your Starred items inside of Liferea. :)

Note* of course this only makes the Starred items show one cant update them or add starred items from Liferea but this is better than nothing at all. :)

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