Android App's red hair stepchild

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Android App's red hair stepchild

Postby Saliency » 07 Aug 2013, 00:18

In offline mode after you get to the menu with a check you can not get back to the menu with the cloud without going into preferences or re-entering the app.

When in offline:

Initially when you go offline the menu bar shows two options:
cloud (go online)
paper (show empty stuff)

When you enter a folder with articles this changes to:
check (mark read)
window (select articles, ect..)

Ok no shit Sherlock, what is the problem.

When in online mode when you go back (up) (using swipe, or the other two methods) you get shown the menu you saw before. When in offline mode you are stuck with the menu with the check mark. This prevents you from going back into online mode.

If you restart the app or go into settings you get the menu with the cloud menu back.

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Re: Android App's red hair stepchild

Postby fox » 07 Aug 2013, 13:01

I'll take a look at this after vacation. You can create a ticket linking to the thread so I wouldn't forget.

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