Profile in login page shows undefined - Check your addons.

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Profile in login page shows undefined - Check your addons.

Postby alvarord » 07 Aug 2013, 17:19


first of all thanks for such an amazing software it works smoothly, an upgrade from 1.8 to 1.9 (through command lines) was smooth, but I didn't notice.

A few hours before doing the upgrade I installed a new add-on in firefox: and after the upgrade I couldn't log it again. The profile box was showing "undefined", and then any time I logged I received a nice error.

I reinstalled it from scratch, reinitiate the database, checked the code (I'm newbbie with php, css, etc..), review GIT for changes, complains in the forum, without finding nothing that helps. I was close to mention it here, but I know how this forum works so I prefer to review it on deep, until I remind that I installed recently some add-on, deactivated it, restarted firefox and everything works smoothly.

This post is just to say "thanks" and to annotate somewhere that the add-ons of firefox can give this issue, I think is not mention in the FAQ neither in the

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