Not matching apostophe in filters

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Not matching apostophe in filters

Postby linoth » 23 Oct 2013, 08:20

Sorry, I was hoping to figure out more on this bug, but hit an interesting snag tonight and had to throw my hands up and surrender.

The feed it started with was: but others became involved, and I found was convenient for testing as well.

I had a filter that was supposed to be marking entries as read for me, but it was failing on a few terms. I tracked it down to an issue with apostrophes. Using the MangaStream feed as an example, you can match "History", but as soon as you try to match "History's" you'll find that Test seems to be working, but you aren't actually matching anything in practice. Escaping the apostrophe meets with the same results, with Test seeming to work, but the filter not actually triggering. I also tried using period as a wildcard, but I'm not certain that would be supported.

Tonight, I found out that matching only an apostrophe or an escaped apostrophe actually works. It's only a problem if you put the apostrophe into a string. Mostly I tested using can't, it's, and don't using the reddit feed.

The good news is that I tested it in a 1.10 environment this time. The bad news is I'm not even sure where to go from here.

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