Fixing imported tags...

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Fixing imported tags...

Postby msummers » 02 Dec 2013, 19:07

I went into the db to repair my imported Google Reader tags which weren't working. By "weren't working" I mean the tags are visible in the imported entry but clicking on the tag link returns no results.

Turns out the tags are present in the entry but missing in the tags table. No big deal, this postges insert works just fine:

Code: Select all

insert into ttrss_tags(tag_name, owner_uid, post_int_id) select 'user-linux', 3, int_id  from ttrss_user_entries where  owner_uid = 3 and tag_cache like '%user-linux%';

Now the weirdness, something comes along behind me and deletes the updates to the tags table. Am I missing a table constraint somewhere or is something else going on?

I've verified that the tags table is updated, and the links work until they're deleted from the table.

tt-rss 1.10 on linux (3.10.17) with postgresql 9.2.4

Thanks in advance.


It looks like the culprit is probably "cleanup_tags", anyone know what this sql is up to?

Code: Select all

$query = "SELECT AS id
                                FROM ttrss_tags, ttrss_user_entries, ttrss_entries
                                WHERE post_int_id = int_id AND $interval_query AND
                                ref_id = AND tag_cache != '' LIMIT $limit_part";

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