Missing cookie, disappearing feed category

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Missing cookie, disappearing feed category

Postby Latimer » 26 Mar 2014, 19:36

I have encountered a Tiny Tiny RSS behavior I wouldn't expect normally. Whenever I log in from a browser that doesn't have Tiny Tiny RSS cookies set for whatever reason, one of the categories is missing from a feed tree. This doesn't seem to be affected by the number of unread posts in a missing category, and the category is always the same. In fact, I can reliably trigger the behavior when I follow these steps:

- log in to Tiny Tiny RSS (a category 'games' is missing from a feed tree);
- reload Tiny Tiny RSS ('games' appears in a feed tree);
- delete a cookie feedTreeSaveStateCookie;
- reload Tiny Tiny RSS ('games' disappears).

I observed this behavior in Tiny Tiny RSS 1.11 and 1.12, running in Firefox 27.x and 28.

An obvious solution would be keeping the cookie, because, aside from this, the reader functions very well. Reloading a page after logging in helps, too. It's just that I find it kinda weird, a feed category disappears because some cookie is not there.
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