Remove duplicate images from feed

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Remove duplicate images from feed

Postby kautsu » 25 Aug 2014, 11:42


Does anybody have idea how i can remove duplicate images from rss feed? My are propably not the cause of this behavior and i have newest tt-rss.

Feed is here:

Every article in feed shows up like this:


It's annoying and i can't fix it on my own. :(

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Re: Remove duplicate images from feed

Postby fox » 25 Aug 2014, 12:31

maybe we shouldn't embed anything that is not isDefault="true" or something idk

e: otoh, they use both <enclosure> and <media:group> and god knows what else. tt-rss tries to get all attached media with different urls because it might be important, it's kinda hard to figure out if this particular feed decided to embed 35 different sized variants of the same cock and ball.jpg or is it all distinct shit somebody would need, especially because everyone pretty much shits on whatever is RSS specification.

so I guess my point is it's better to suffer duplicates than not see potentially interesting content and thus this is going to be the default parser behavior.

to answer your actual question, you can probably cook up a quick plugin to clean this shit up. people here can help you with that.

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