Git based TT-RSS getting errors

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Git based TT-RSS getting errors

Postby psycik » 09 Aug 2015, 11:36

I've moved to the new git based updating, and seemed to be picking up the latest. But getting a bunch of errors after teh pgrade.

I don't seem to b able to get access to the gitlab issue tracker (there's no new issue button as far as i can see).

After the upgrade I got the following error reports. ... a6f3850985 ... a6f3850985

Most of the time I'm just reading (via browser - chrome and keyboard) using gf for obtianing new articles. then it will say error received see error console or flash p problem comminucating with the server. Is the error console https://<serveraddress>/backend.php? or is it the error log in the system tab of the preferences?

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Re: Git based TT-RSS getting errors

Postby fox » 09 Aug 2015, 12:01

your server is timing out

try checking httpd error logs

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