Can't login to News+ Android app with my server

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Can't login to News+ Android app with my server

Postby pmorrissey » 02 Dec 2015, 20:30

Hello, I'm looking for some help getting News+ to work with TT-RSS on my Android, but this is as much about fact-finding as troubleshooting. I'm able to log in to my server with other RSS apps, but I've never been able to with News+, which I really want because it has a transparent scrolling widget. Most other Android apps, including the official TT-RSS one, login fine, and I've found that other servers, like, work with News+, but then how is that different from my own server? Is there any way I can see a site like that's setup, to see where it might differ from mine?

The only thing I can come up with is that there is one other android app that also gives me an error, called "Tiny Tiny Feed", which like News+ has the option of HTML Authentication, so maybe that is an issue, though I don't use authentication. When I try to login it immediately gives a windows saying "Could not login" which makes me wonder if my server could be blocking it or something, though then why would other apps work? Obviously the external API is enabled, I've tested this with admin and non-admin accounts, I have the most updated versions of TT-RSS, News+, and the News+ plugin for TT-RSS. I tried contacting the app's developer directly with no response.

I know other users on this forum have had success using News+, so any thoughts on troubleshooting are appreciated. Thanks!

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