Fatal error: Interface 'IDb' not found

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Fatal error: Interface 'IDb' not found

Postby burakkuru » 13 May 2016, 23:05

Hi, firstly i wanna thanks for build a great script !

Today i changed my server.

After this script gave me this warning and now not working ; Fatal error: Interface 'IDb' not found in /home2/rss/public_html/classes/db.php on line 2

My old server and new server have same features just my old server php version is 5.5.30 and new server php version is 5.5.35. All another features same.

Also i tried with php 5.4 and not work. After i tried include idb.php file to db.php but not working.

I gave same error every file. for example: common.php, init.php and more.

Can you help me fix for this ?

Thanks a lot.

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