Argument 7 not passed to function

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Re: Argument 7 not passed to function

Postby toomanyaccounts » 31 Dec 2016, 18:04

1) Because my code cleaner thinks there shouldn't be any type juggling there and I don't question the cleaner because it rewards me with a happy bell sound if I do what it demands.

2a) Because it looks to me like the error handler returning "false" forwards the error to the native error handler, which is how it ends up as last error and later the shutdown function fetches the last error (:60) and shoves it into the logger (:69), circumventing the @ completely.

2b) The '0' I only chose because I have no idea how the error stuff works internally and I thought PHP might be able to typecast it back to bool/false if necessary (just in case of other PHP implementations. My PHPs error stack - or whatever is "on the other side of the return" - just eats the integer and seems content). Returning 1 or true or "bacon" instead of 0 also appears to work fine. Or just "return;". Anything, just not "false".

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Re: Argument 7 not passed to function

Postby fox » 31 Dec 2016, 19:17

i literally don't even re ^

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