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FeedIron: rivva.de

Postby cy8aer » 27 Jun 2016, 13:24

This is a question about the usage of FeedIron.

I subscribed the rivva.de feed http://rivva.de/rss.xml for years now. This site correlates news articles with links to them in posts of the blogosphere and twitter...

With the german "Leistungsschutzrecht" they kicked off the text teasers so the feed itself only shows the head line of the post and links to the rivva page with a link to the article. You need to klick to the rivva page and then to the link in the page. Especially with the android app this is slow because you need to open the rivva page in your browser and then hop to the article. So I used FeedIron to put rivva's page into the tt-rss post like this:

Code: Select all

    "rivva.de": {
        "type": "xpath",
        "xpath": "article",
        "cleanup": [
        "modify": [
                "type": "replace",
                "search": [
                "replace": [

Now I can select the rivva post and click to the link. Though the headline still links to the rivva page. Is there a trick to directly put the article link in the page into the post's header link so that you are able to directly watch the article starting from the post list? (more crazy: is it possible to use readitlater to directly load the article instead of the rivva page?). Just meta...

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