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Articles in wrong feed

Posted: 16 Jul 2016, 00:54
by jeffrose
In the last 2 weeks, articles from a specific site in an aggregated feed are showing up in random other feeds.

I haven't been able to track this, so I'm hoping for some input.

Site A aggregates articles from sites B, C and D but the feed is

I also have feeds from sites X, Y and Z.

Until a recent update, Site A showed the articles from sites B, C and D. NOW, when an article come in from site B (and only site B), it shows up as Site X sometimes, other times as Site Z or Site Y without any pattern.

It's slightly annoying, but not deadly, when I expect a new article from site X only to find out it's from site B instead.

I'm guess it's a corrupt/broken database somewhere, but not sure what to examine.

Re: Articles in wrong feed

Posted: 16 Jul 2016, 07:05
by fox
it is a lot more likely possibility that there's an article ID clash of some kind

since you decided to not provide any useful information and ignored the rules, instead of thinking about it any further i'm going to give you two weeks to figure out how to ask questions properly in support, hth