Error file_get_contents connection refused

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Error file_get_contents connection refused

Postby Tholo » 28 Jul 2016, 15:53

Hej there,

I ve run a fresh install of Ubuntu 14.04 (i ve also test 12.04) requirements are installed.
tt-rss and fulltextrrs went befor fresh install on this server for a lot of time.

Now i became a error at subscribing
file_get_contents(https://urltofulltextrss=rssfeedurl): failed to open stream connection refused
With and without https on server.

But a "normal" feedurl are running without error. The Fulltextrss Page also running without error.
Do you have any ideas?

Thx Tholo

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Re: Error file_get_contents connection refused

Postby fox » 28 Jul 2016, 18:47

read the rules

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