Spaces missing in article list text preview

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Spaces missing in article list text preview

Postby cweiske » 19 Feb 2017, 23:53

tt-rss' article list provides an excerpt of the text of the articles.

Unfortunately, in the excerpt newlines have been replaced with nothing, so adjacent paragraphs are smashed together without a single space.

I've subscribed to hacker news, and their first paragraph is only an URL, the second "Comments: " + another URL.

The excerpt in the article list looks like that:

The "2Comments" in there should actually be "2 Comments". Please add spaces there.

Screenshot: ... review.png

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Re: Spaces missing in article list text preview

Postby fox » 20 Feb 2017, 08:09

excerpt calls strip_tags() so it's probably not going to be perfect for every feed out there, replacing it with something else because of hacker news tho doesn't seem like a well placed effort.

if someone wants to take a look i promise to review the resulting diff but imo this is a very inconsequential thing to worry about.

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