RPM's for TT-RSS

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RPM's for TT-RSS

Postby adjuster » 15 Nov 2005, 19:48

I've made some RPM's for TT-RSS 1.0.7 (and will continue to make RPM's as new versions are released).

Since TT-RSS requires MagpieRSS, I've also made RPM's for MagpieRSS. Both are available at the URL's below.

These RPM's were created in Fedora Core 3 and tested in Fedora Core 2. I've tried to make them as "portable" to different RPM-based distributions as possible, and would love to hear if they work in other distributions.

A "getting started with TT-RSS in Fedora Core" document is coming. I'll try and address other distributions as time allows me, but since I've only ever really run RedHat and Fedora Core distributions, this presents some learning curve to me, as well.


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