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Android App: invalid API URL

Posted: 16 Apr 2017, 20:21
by spiderman1369
Has anyone ever seen this error message before when opeing the Android app? Search of the forums didn't return any hits with this error message.

Error: invalid API URL

I didn't do anything to my tt-rss install nor my android phone. Everything was fine last night.
I ssh'd into my server and all folders and files are there. I logged in via web page and feeds are updating as ususal and filters working like a charm.
I uninstalled the app and restarted phone, then reinstalled app, entered my url, uname, and password and keep getting the same error message.
Not sure why this is happening. Is there something else on phone I need to purge beside uninstalling app to ensure a "fresh" install of app?


Re: Android App: invalid API URL

Posted: 16 Apr 2017, 21:23
by spiderman1369
Update: Delete this post...I don't know what was going on or what just happened, but app is working fine now. Computers suck!

Re: Android App: invalid API URL

Posted: 16 Apr 2017, 21:26
by fox
e: i'm glad it solved itself but since i went through all the effort typing the below i'm gonna leave it here for posterity :v

this particular error happens when constructing an URL java object ( for some reason causes an exception. most likely because it thinks the URL is malformed somehow.

good (?) news is this has nothing to do with network or your server, this object is created before any actual network IO happens (

the only way to figure out what happens exactly is setting up adb logcat, opening the app and then looking for relevant stack trace in the debug output. don't forget to enable transport debugging in app settings.

Re: Android App: invalid API URL

Posted: 18 Apr 2017, 15:00
by spiderman1369
Thanks Fox...I'll keep this info tucked away incase this ever happens again.