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Fresh installation hangs

Posted: 23 Apr 2017, 19:41
by conflux

I have performed a fresh install of tt-rss on a clean Debian (8.7, apache 2.4.10, php 5.6.30, PostgreSQL 9.4.10) by following the instructions in the wiki. Everything went fine up to and including step 4 (config.php), which I had to create manually because of permission issues. I also got some warnings about the permissions on cache/* etc, which I resolved by fixing the permissions.

I can log in (step 5) and after pressing the button, I am redirected to the page with the overlay saying "Loading, please wait...". I do not see the animated bar that is usually here. My browser (FireFox 53, Chrome 57) hangs here forever.

If I make the overlay transparent using FF Developer Tools, I can see that the page is only partially loaded.

I do not see any error message anywhere: no errors on screen, in the apache log, system log, or postgres log. No entries in the ttrss_error_log table in the database.

The apache log shows that the last files served were images/indicator_tiny.gif,images/error.png, images/new_version.png.

I have also executed php update.php --feeds, which also reports no errors. (It processed 1 feed, which is the default forum feed, I guess.)

Any ideas what else I could do to determine the cause of the issue is much appreciated. Thanks!

Re: Fresh installation hangs

Posted: 23 Apr 2017, 19:58
by fox
try opening browser error console (f12)