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Yay Microsoft!

Posted: 14 Sep 2005, 13:15
by h3
I just got this from my feed:

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Warning: pg_query(): Query failed: ERROR: value too long for type character varying(250) in tt-rss-1.0.4/db.php on line 33

The query in question...

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SELECT id,last_read,no_orig_date,title,feed_id,content_hash ,EXTRACT(EPOCH FROM updated) as updated_timestamp FROM ttrss_entries WHERE guid = ''INSERT INTO ttrss_entries (title, guid, link, updated, content, content_hash, feed_id, comments, no_orig_date) VALUES ('Q&A: Microsoft Showcases New User Interface for Office ⌠12■ Core Applications: The new UI √ the most dramatic change to the way Office applications work since introduction of the toolbar in 1997 √ will help users become more proficient with Office', '', '', '2005/09/13 11:04:00', '', 'SHA1:da39a3ee5e6b4b0d3255bfef95601890afd80709', '16', '', false)

Posted: 14 Sep 2005, 21:30
by fox
Holy crap. Allright, I'll probably change title field to TEXT in the next version.

Posted: 14 Sep 2005, 21:38
by h3
In the meantime, for others who may run into this, this is what I've done (a little overkill, maybe ;))

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alter table ttrss_entries add column guid2 text;
update ttrss_entries set guid2=guid;
alter table ttrss_entries drop column guid;
alter table ttrss_entries rename guid2 to guid;
alter table ttrss_entries add column link2 text;
update ttrss_entries set link2=link;
alter table ttrss_entries drop column link;
alter table ttrss_entries rename link2 to link;
alter table ttrss_entries add column title2 text;
update ttrss_entries set title2 to title;
update ttrss_entries set title2=title;
alter table ttrss_entries drop column title;
alter table ttrss_entries rename title2 to title;

Posted: 14 Sep 2005, 21:43
by fox
Aaaand fixed in upstream.