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[pull request] Timeout before loading selected feed

Posted: 12 Jun 2013, 09:02
by LifeWOutMilk
Preface: I'm a complete noob when it comes to javascript

Edit 06/14/2013: Yep, I am, it was a broken patch.

Currently, if you are navigating up/down the feed list, the client is sending a request on each keypress or click to load the selected feed. If I want to just move down three feeds, then it loads the two feeds in between my start and destination and this this can cause the final feed load to take longer(depending on the server of course). I added a timeout to the viewfeed() function that simply waits 250ms before loading the feed in case the user clicks on a different feed or navigates to a different one using the keyboard.


Edit: the choice of 250ms was pretty arbitrary, and it "feels" okay here.