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Android client suggestion - 2 ideas

Posted: 04 Dec 2015, 21:03
by pcause
In the Android client in the feed list, there is a folder icon next to the category /label. Is there a way to make that icon clickable so that if you tap the folder it open the feed list and if you tap the category/label icon it shows the items. Basically the browse feeds/browse headlines would now be tapping the icon/feed. This is sort of the same as the web client and is a bit quicker than tap and hold and select item.

Second idea is to ask if there is a way to reduce the size of the leading circle (not sure what the material design term for it is) of each item in size so that more of the headline text shows. I never use the tap functions of the circle and to me it is totally wasted space on eye candy that reduces the amount of space for the headline/useful information. Know you need to support the Android styles so it is going to stay. but can it be shrunk?

Re: Android client suggestion - 2 ideas

Posted: 05 Dec 2015, 13:32
by fox
those are both pretty bad ideas tbh

1. this is not discoverable, confusing if you misclick on a different part of the - pretty short already - drawer list entry, and does not respect any ui guidelines. if it was an overflow-type thing than yes i could see showing a popup there or something. anyway if you always longtap on cats why not just switch the default to open them the way you usually do?

2. i've copied it from gmail and it imo fits with the metrics part of material design guidelines. if i make it a lot smaller it would just look shitty and defeat the purpose of having a visually distinctive ui element which is also easy to tap.

Re: Android client suggestion - 2 ideas

Posted: 07 Dec 2015, 17:30
by pcause
Thanks, Fox. On #1, the reason I suggested is that I have a lot of feeds and sometimes when there are hundreds of new items in the labels section I want to browse by label but if there are just 50-100 or so I want to browse headlines. Though if doable it makes the choice of browse headlines or feeds a 1 click choice. Just lazy I guess.

Completely understand on #2. Guess I just personally find that part of the material design annoying eye candy, but it is what it is.