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[PATCH] Add support for delta feeds

Posted: 28 Oct 2016, 03:43
by noda
Hi, his patch adds support for delta feeds (RFC3229+feeds). Supporting servers will return a delta feed instead of a full feed; meaning Tiny Tiny RSS will only be served entries that have been added or modified since the If-Modified-Since timestamp. Saves bandwidth for users and servers alike, and eases processing and speeds up feed updates for feed readers.

Supported in a a growing lists of feed readers and content management systems. I’m actively working on adding support to more clients and feed servers.

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I’ve read the wiki page on contributing, and registered on GitLab with the username google (auto-assigned username when I logged in using my Google account). However, I don’t plan to contribute more patches and I’d appreciate it if someone could apply and merge the patch on my behalf.

Re: [PATCH] Add support for delta feeds

Posted: 28 Oct 2016, 08:18
by fox
tt-rss doesn't currently support if-modified-since for feeds so your patch is not really going to do anything at all, i'm afraid

since you didn't notice this while you were testing your submitted code this raises a few questions tbh

Re: [PATCH] Add support for delta feeds

Posted: 28 Oct 2016, 11:52
by noda
I thought it was due to some incompatibility with my environment (tested on FreeBSD), and didn’t look further in to it to be honest. I hard-coded the variable while testing and got the results I wanted. This patch will still add support when Tiny Tiny gets support for Last-Modified qualified caching. The new header just needs to tag along when the If-Modified-Since header is sent to work.