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Re: [PATCH] Third-party library upgrades

Posted: 24 Jan 2017, 06:55
by sleeper_service
I'd much rather fox not lose his mind weeding through the flood of stupid shit that would ensue.

he already has to deal with enough as it is.

Re: [PATCH] Third-party library upgrades

Posted: 24 Jan 2017, 07:46
by fox
trammel wrote:
sleeper_service wrote:
trammel wrote:enabling people to make pull requests, even stupid ones, incredibly easy.)

and, how can you possibly think this is a good thing?

Because friction is a real thing and you have to weigh up the cost/benefit trade-off between rejecting stupid ideas and the opportunity cost of not receiving patches and improvements because developers perceive the process as being too difficult and the community too unwelcoming. It's like the Parable of the Broken Window.

You'll obviously never see the things that didn't happen, while it's easy to measure how much time is taken dealing with stupid people.

Additionally, there's friction and work involved for fox who has to manually approve developer applications.

i remember interacting with github community when tt-rss was hosted there and i prefer the current way, thanks

e: also, your concern has been noted. however, i think it's time to stop discussing this in a third-party library upgrades thread.