per-feed 'mark unread on update' patch

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per-feed 'mark unread on update' patch

Postby Qwark » 26 Mar 2009, 02:37

Hi (Fox),

I have a few feeds where I 'need' the mark unread on update feature, but with some other feeds it's annoying because the same items keep showing up. (crappy feeds probably)

Anyway, I needed a per-feed setting for the 'mark unread on update' feature, so here's a patch that accomplishes just that.

It should patch cleanly against the current 3207 (svn) revision. (see attached .tgz file)

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patch -p1 < per-feed_mark_unread_on_update.patch

Works for me (tm). Perhaps somebody else might find it useful as well.

unified patch
(1.9 KiB) Downloaded 192 times

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Re: per-feed 'mark unread on update' patch

Postby fox » 26 Mar 2009, 09:14

Thanks for sharing the patch! :D

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