TTRSS forum feeds broken?

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TTRSS forum feeds broken?

Postby ftobin » 13 Mar 2014, 05:16

For the past week or so, I've noticed that the RSS feed for the TTSS Announcements forum (feed.php?f=4) has been including posts from the Support forum (instead of Announcements). Has anyone else been noticing this?

$ wget -O - '' | grep '<title' | head -n 2
<title>Tiny Tiny RSS</title>
<title type="html"><![CDATA[Support ⢠Re: Recently Read with the combined view]]></title>

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Re: TTRSS forum feeds broken?

Postby fox » 13 Mar 2014, 09:10

There is one static feed now for the entire forum to reduce server load.

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