Link/Redirect to donation button legit?

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Link/Redirect to donation button legit?

Postby wjg » 25 Jan 2015, 13:11

... was just wondering:

Wanted to donate - hit the donate button - got redirected to a plain html page (can't check, whether the reason given there is legit) - hit donate again & ended up on a page where i can not associate the information provided with anything positively related to TTRSS except for some subject that anybody could come up with.

As I don't have money to throw away: How can I verify that the email given is actually associated with the right people?


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Re: Link/Redirect to donation button legit?

Postby fox » 25 Jan 2015, 16:13

:lol: its not actually you uncovered a great wiki conspiracy

e: bonus points for posting this retarded shit in Announcements

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