Dedicated Server Recommendation

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Dedicated Server Recommendation

Postby Striker21 » 06 Sep 2016, 22:23

Seeing there's some smart people around here, I though to ask for two cents at least :)

Any thoughts, not sure to priority CPU cores, threads, GHz, RAM, I know i need SSDs clearly (+separate SATA or SSD only)?

If I'm to choose a server option capable of easily handling the following:

  • TTR-SS running with PostgreSQL and updating around 3000 feeds continuously

  • Custom CURL based scraper handling 500 sites without feed continuously

  • Potentially Sphinx server to handle searching as data grows beyond using built in full text indexing of PostgreSQL

  • Websites with 100.000 visits per month (light to medium load, easily running on £15 a month web host now, typical premium package)

  • NGIX and MySQL server for general website (OpenCart eCommerce and regular news like site)

  • Room to grow and not struggle with above tasks

E.g. the cheaper HOST-32L | Intel Xeon D | 4c/8t | 2.2/2.6 GHz |32GB RAM | 2x 480GB SSD Raid SOFT be still more than plenty or would I likely need more cores and RAM or faster CPU? any and all thoughts welcome as I know there's likely not a 100% right answer based on the limited information supplied.


** Just noticed I should have been smart enough to post this under Everything Else and not support, my bad, can be moved.

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Re: Dedicated Server Recommendation

Postby fox » 06 Sep 2016, 22:51

moving as requested

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Re: Dedicated Server Recommendation

Postby sleeper_service » 06 Sep 2016, 23:06

[quote="fox"]moving as requested

drat, beat me to it :D