Debian Stable Tutorial

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Debian Stable Tutorial

Postby bedouin » 31 Mar 2013, 03:38

I know that TT-RSS is in the unstable repository, but it still has not been back ported to stable. I found this simple how to and had everything running within ten minutes: ... -tiny-rss/

Hopefully it helps someone else out.

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Re: Debian Stable Tutorial

Postby joseph-mx » 31 Mar 2013, 05:01

yea.. i understand that the respo isn't the best way to grab tt-rss.

i always prefer to grab the .tar.gz and install tt-rss. :mrgreen:

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Re: Debian Stable Tutorial

Postby timatlee » 31 Mar 2013, 06:39

I wound up using Apt Preferences to add the unstable repo's to my otherwise "stable" system.

I still get the package updates when they come out.

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