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Chrome New Tab Extension

Postby mneimeyer » 01 Apr 2013, 07:42

I didn't see (or I completely missed) a Chrome Extension for adding your Tiny Tiny RSS to your New Tab icons. Here are the steps to make your own...

1. Create a folder. Move into that folder.

2. Create a file called manifest.json in that folder.

3. Paste in the following contents:

"app": {
"launch": {
"web_url": ""
"urls": [ "" ]
"icons": {
"128": "icon.png"
"manifest_version": 2,
"name": "Tiny Tiny RSS",
"version": "1"

4. Replace the URL with the link to your TT-RSS instan

5. Create a 128x128 png icon file, save it in the folder, and name it icon.png. Perhaps using this file ... /photo.jpg from the Tiny Tiny RSS Google+ page at ... 4649153528

6. In Chrome, open your Tools -> Extensions menu.

7. If you don't see the "Pack Extension" button then click the Developer Mode checkbox.

8. Click the Pack Extension button.

9. Browse to your root folder. If you are updating your extension then also browse to your PEM file. Click the Pack Extension button.

10. You will get two files, a CRX file you can install and a PEM key file. You will need the latter ONLY if you want to update your extension and have it be treated as an update/replacement.

11. Drag the CRX file onto your extensions page in Chrome. It should prompt you to install. (If you are installing this on another computer you can copy just the CRX file and start here)

12. It should take you to the New Tab page. Click your icon and go.

Hope this helps someone!


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Re: Chrome New Tab Extension

Postby ichbins4567 » 04 Apr 2013, 15:01

Thanks, works great!

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