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Re: Free Hoster that support tt-rss?

Posted: 04 Jul 2013, 12:50
by li2150
cqrt wrote:
progitto wrote:You can also evaluate to use the free version of Amazon of AWS Server Cloud
I'm using an ubuntu 12.04 installation with ttrss without any problem

The only thing I would watch with the 1yr Free Tier Micro instance is the I/O usage. I have 160 feeds and I blew through the 1,000,000 free I/O request limit in 2 days. Now costing me about 10c per day. It's pittance, but still.

yes, I'm having the same problem. I set the daemon update interval from 120 seconds to 600 seconds to see whether I can save some I/O. However, I would continue using it even there is no improvement.