TTRSS UTILS - Fedora Tiny Tiny RSS Utilities

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TTRSS UTILS - Fedora Tiny Tiny RSS Utilities

Postby gbcox » 01 Jul 2013, 21:05

I had posted this on G+ but forgot the Knowledge Base: ... y-rss.html

I've decided to standardize my group of utilities for TTRSS. My original intent on posting all these updates in the blog was to help folks get config samples, utilities and installation/configuration information in an easy and straightforward manner.

The blog entries will continue, but I'm changing the way code samples and utilities are organized and distributed.

All files will now be hosted on github:

You would install them in your home directory by:

cd $home
mkdir ttrss_maint
cd ttrss_maint
git clone ttrss_utils

Now, if you wish to get the latest copy of the utilities, it is simple as:

cd $home/ttrss_maint/ttrss_utils
git pull

Before you start using any of the utilities, you must configure a set of variables which are unique to your system.

cd $home
cd ttrss_maint
cp ttrss_utils/var_dist.sh_dist
===> Edit the file ===<

The $home/ttrss_maint directory will contain other subdirectories relating to different functions; i.e. the database backup utility files will be stored in $home/ttrss_maint/db_backup. The script is the only non-directory file which will exist in this directory.

The utilities are designed to be executed from the $home/ttrss_maint/ttrss_utils directory. They will call to obtain their variables.

The other blog entries which describe the utilities and sample configurations will be updated to reflect these changes.

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Re: TTRSS UTILS - Fedora Tiny Tiny RSS Utilities

Postby recognitium » 27 Jul 2013, 20:32

Could you list the group of utilities in the package?

Thanks anyway for sharing it.

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