Additional info about Twitter support

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Additional info about Twitter support

Postby padde » 03 Jul 2011, 18:07

I discovered tt-rss's Twitter support today, and I have to say: Another awesome feature! :)

While I was getting my tt-rss instance connected to Twitter, I read this Wiki entry. As it turns out, there are many possibilities with the Twitter API, on what exactly you can subscribe to. The Wiki article mentions which is one of the possible feeds, although I should note that it's deprecated and has been replaced by (see here).

There are many other feeds available - see here for more info:

Andrew, if you give me (user padde in redmine) Wiki edit rights, I enhance the TwitterSupport page when I have time.

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Re: Additional info about Twitter support

Postby fox » 25 Sep 2011, 20:26

Sorry, missed this post completely for some reason. Thanks to markwaters on IRC for bringing this to my attention. I have updated your user to be able to edit wiki pages and updated the timeline URL, although I realize this comes several months late. :)

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