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ttwatch 0.1

Posted: 12 Jul 2006, 21:02
by enko

I used TinyTinyRSS to watch torrent feeds on two private trackers ( and

I created a JAVA program that intended to run in the background. It will download your starred articles from these servers into a path of your liking. I set my path to my Azureus auto-start folder.

This way, if I start a torrent that interests me, my home PC will start downloading it.

It is meant to work with 1.2.0.

Is there any interest for me to post the program here? Some might find it "offensive" because of the 2 sites it's intended to work with.

Posted: 12 Jul 2006, 22:06
by fox
Well, you could always argue that it is supposed to download legit torrents like Linux ISOs. And, frankly, this whole "OMG I'm offended!" thing doesn't fly here in Russia anyway.

The better place would be "Related software" section on the main site, though, not the forum. Drop me a email, I'll give you wiki access so you could post your program.

Posted: 13 Jul 2006, 05:36
by enko
That's true, it will work for any RSS feed that has a direct link to the torrent as the link for the news item. ;)

You've got mail!

Posted: 17 Jul 2006, 14:27
by fox
By the way, the descriptions tells that it only supports MySQL. e.g. you are connecting to tt-rss database directly? Maybe the better way would be to use XML-RPC?

Posted: 17 Jul 2006, 20:18
by enko
Well, the program performs a query on the database. Unless I made a PHP page that performed the query, which could be called via XMLHttpRequest.

I could work on Postgres support but I don't have it installed. I might be able to get the Java driver for it and it might be very easy to setup, and someone could test it.

Re: ttwatch 0.1

Posted: 26 Apr 2008, 20:42
by burkej
I am having some issues with this applet. when i start it it canot connect to the database, i have no idea why because my database details are correct:
mysql://ttrss:(my password)@localhost/ttrss

username is ttrss aswell as database name, this error is what i get:

java.sql.SQLException: Unable to connect to any hosts due to exception: Connection refused

I have xampp installed so mysql is in /opt/lampp/bin/mysql aswell as /usr/bin/mysql, not sure which one its trying to use. im a debian newb :)