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TT-RSS to SemanticScuttle plugin

Posted: 17 Mar 2013, 01:24
by metronomista

I just released a plugin that allows the user to save any feed item as a bookmark into her SemanticScuttle instance.

The source code of the plugin is released under GPL v3 (or newer):

Everyone running a SemanticScuttle installation is encouraged to download the plugin. If you any suggestions for improvements or bug reports, we can follow the free software ethos (cooperate rather than compete) and see if we can add that options to the plugin, instead of creating two rather similar plugins :) If you can code yourself, you may want to clone the repo and hack in your local setup. Feel free to do so :)

If someone reads spanish and is interested, there is a blog post in my website: ... ticscuttle

* Latest plugin version (2.1) works with TinyTinyRSS v1.8.
* Previous version (2.0) works smooth with outdated TT-RSS versions (up to 1.7.5). I recommend you to update your TTRSS instance and afterwards update the plugin version.
* The plugin has been tested with SemanticScuttle, but a couple of users said it also works with Scuttle (I haven't test it myself).

Re: TT-RSS to SemanticScuttle plugin

Posted: 27 Jun 2013, 12:38
by metronomista
Updated this thread with info on the latest plugin version. I'll thank Greencrab for the commits, kudos for him :)