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Plugin for poche (Readability/Instapaper clone)

Posted: 17 Nov 2013, 18:11
by davidm
I just found this guy that apparently made a TT-RSS plugin but never announced it here.

The plugin adds a Save in poche link. poche ( is a self hosted and open source replacement for Instapaper, Pocket, Readability and the like. There's a cute demo in the site and it seems in active development. They also let you create accounts in their server.

I haven't tested it (install broke on my unsupported hosting) so I can't tell if it works, but thought you might want to know.

Re: Plugin for poche (Readability/Instapaper clone)

Posted: 28 Nov 2013, 20:05
by davidm
I finally made poche work in my server. The plugin works all right.

Re: Plugin for poche (Readability/Instapaper clone)

Posted: 08 Jan 2014, 19:53
by jc.saaddupuy
I'm this guy :)

It's true I never did the anoucne here, I'm glad you found it and use it.

You may also like another plugin I did for shaarli which was anouced here.