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Postby pcause » 18 Nov 2013, 01:38

I've created a new plugin called markread_plus. It adds a menu item to the action dropdown which looks like this:

markreadplus.png (5.28 KiB) Viewed 2001 times

As you can see instead of the fixed choices of the regular mark read, you can specify N hours/days/weeks/months.

***WARNING***** - I've done testing but not all the cases because I didn't have things that were old enough to try everything. Consider this very alpha. I apologize in advance if it doesn't work for you. Especially note that I use postgresql and so haven't tested the mysql queries at all. I will keep testing and update as I find things.

You can find the code on github

EDIT: I've been using and the hours/days seem to be working well. Haven't done much testing on weeks/months, but should work.

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