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Post to WordPress plugin

Postby davidm » 04 Mar 2014, 18:26

I made a plugin to post articles to WordPress.

What works (on TT-RSS 1.11):
-Enable it
-Setup your WordPress website URL. It seems to work both with and self hosted.
-Open an article. Select some text. Click the WordPress button on bottom right. It will open a WP new post window, with the article title as post title, selected text as content and "via" link to the original article URL.

I AM NOT A DEVELOPER. I DON'T SPEAK PHP. I DON'T SPEAK JAVASCRIPT. As far as I know this plugin could create a black hole in the LHC and swallow the whole Earth. Use it under your own responsibility. I can't help anybody with any problem.

How I did it:
Copypasting, combining and guessing from other tt-rss plugins (mainly the poche plugin) and the WordPress bookmarklet.
Of course, I don't understand most of what the plugin code does or means. I don't know if everything is correct. The only thing I know is that the plugins seems to work in my instance.

Get it:
I'm too idiot to keep an updated github repository. Here is the attachment:
(3.35 KiB) Downloaded 391 times

Mandatory screenshot:
wpttrss.jpg (82.14 KiB) Viewed 4752 times

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Re: Post to WordPress plugin

Postby fox » 05 Mar 2014, 22:20

Best plugin description. A+ will read again.

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